viernes, 12 de enero de 2018

W a r d r o b e ♡ P o s t ♡ 2 0 1 8

Happy New Year! This is my first post of 2018 and also my first Wardrobe Post! My wardrobe is still pretty small because I haven’t been that long wearing the fashion. I discovered Lolita in 2009 and wore it for the first time in 2014 but it was until 2016 that I really get full into it, that’s why I consider myself as a Lolita since 2016.

Last year I sold some pieces that were completely different to the rest of my wardrobe, that’s another reason why is not that big. But let’s stop talking and begin with the post!

First, I would like to show you where I keep my Lolita clothes: a coffin! I made it with my father for a class and I just LOVE IT!♡

D r e s s e s

♡ Lace Up Doll Dress ~ Victorian Maiden

Thanks to this dress I decided to become a Lolita, I saw a picture of a girl wearing it and completely fell in love with it!♡ And this colourway became my ultimate Dream Dress!♡ (As the girl in the picture had in this exact colour, lol). Fun fact: this was my first brand dress so it’s even more special to me.♡

♡A Nameless Poem for You OP ~ Ista Mori

I’ve worn it a lot of times and I just love it!

♡Bustle Corset Dress ~ Atelier Pierrot

An Atelier Pierrot classic, bought directly in the Harajuku shop, I was so happy Yuko remembered me from the Tea Party in Mexico!♡

♡Memorial Library JSK ~ Angelic Pretty

Books and Lolita is my favourite combination! Also bought at AP’s shop in Harajuku.

♡Hildegard JSK ~ Innocent World

Simple, classic and elegant, definitely one of my favourites! Bought at closet child online, the review is here!

S k i r t s

♡Bontage NANA CHARMMY Skirt ~ Baby, the Stars Shine Bright 

A very special piece in my wardrobe because of sentimental reasons ♡ I have a little review where I tell you more about it, read it here!

♡Black skirt

Handmade not by me. I wore it for my graduation photography!

B l o u s e s

♡Rose Off Shoulder Shirring Blouse ~ Atelier Pierrot

So elegant, I love the sleeves!♡

♡Distortion NANA CHARMMY Tee ~ Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

You can read more about it on the review of the skirt!

♡White blouse ~ Pinkutomidori

Handmade by a Mexican brand.

♡Blue chiffon blouse 

Handmade by the same person who made my black skirt! I wore it with it in my graduation!

O t h e r s

Flower crowns handmade, Angelic Pretty and Victorian Maiden. I definitely need more headwear!

Offbrand, Innocent world, Restyle, Atelier Pierrot shopping bag and Alice and the Pirates parasol.

Well, this is my current wardrobe I didn’t had time to take pictures of my leg wear and shoes, mind. I hope to get more items from my wish list this year!

There's also a Wardrobe video (only for main pieces) on my YT channel, please check it if you prefer!

Thanks for looking!♡

domingo, 31 de diciembre de 2017

Goodbye 2017

This year a lot of things happened in my life, some of them were bad and made me feel really depressed, but I don't want to start the New Year sad and that is why in this last post of the year I will focus only in the positive things that happened. Let's start!

J a p a n 

Obviously, the most important thing that happened this year was my trip to Japan. It had always been my dream since I was 8 years old, and I finally accomplished it!



I know I have wrote it everywhere a hundred times but seriously, seeing my favourite band in a live was the best thing ever happened to me, I still cannot describe how amazing that moment was, and I am incredibly grateful for that day, I will remember it forever as one of the best experiences of my life.

T a r j a 

But not only I got to see my favourite band, but also to meet in person my favourite singer: Tarja Turunen! She has the most beautiful voice in the world and she is also such a nice person! I am incredibly happy I got to tell her how special she is to me! Really, thank you Tarja.

Those were definitely the best moments of 2017 but not the only ones:
I'm happy I got to wear Lolita more this year and could sell and buy stuff to have a more comfortable wardrobe.
I met a great people at Tarja's concert and I'm really glad because they are such a nice fandom! I can't wait to meet them again!
I read more than any other year in my life after not being too much into literature for a depression, and I really loved doing it again! I hope to read even more books in the future!
Also, I went out more with friends! I want to go out more frequently and stop being so anti-social, lol.
Last but not least, I got really nice grades at University and got a lot of compliments in my last project, which made me really happy and feel like I'm in the right path.

I really hope 2018 to be a better year! To try new things, to improve my health habits (both physical and spiritual), to share with new people and maybe come back to Japan? We'll see... For now, I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

viernes, 4 de agosto de 2017

Ideal and Horizon

Earlier this week I had the opportunity to go out with my dearest friend  we strolled for the city looking for a place to finally celebrate together the next International Lolita Day (we even have been planning our coord for almost three years now, lol).

For the occasion we decided to wear finally our A9 tees from their latest tour! They are incredibly long! Looked like a dress! (We even thought about wearing them as one next time, lol) I was wearing IDEAL BLACK TEE and my friend HORIZON WHITE TEE. Twinning but in different colour.

Finally we decided to go to a café we already knew, we took a look at the place and the menu, which counts with vegetarian options! I tried a vegetarian panini with salad and berries smoothie, then we decided that will be the place for our next meeting in Lolita!

Something I like about this place is that it has a huge mirror in the restrooms so we were able to take our mirror selfie! haha.

It was a lovely evening with one of my favourite persons ever, we cannot meet frequently but when we can it is amazing!

By the way, I was wearing a wig she gave me as a birthday present years ago!

jueves, 20 de julio de 2017

H i l d e g a r d ♡ Lolita review

Hildegard JSK by Innocent World had been on my wishlist ever since I started Lolita. I fell in love with its simplicity yet elegance, and as I think it is a little rare I am so happy to finally own it! Thank you Closet Child for make Lolita dreams true.

But what!? It is not black!? Yes, it actually is navy! But you know? Navy is the only color I get to use aside from black, even in my every day clothes. And I will tell you a little secret: in fact it is the second non-black dress in my wardrobe! Haha.

As I already said, what I liked the most about this dress is the simply design it has, no print or too much lace, what makes it perfect for casual occasions and easy to wear in every-day life. Yet it has a very pretty lace up bodice at the back which makes it elegant too.

The military-like detail with the buttons is the pretty much the only adornment in the dress and I love it, the bow, the buttons and the lace are just too lovely. In all the dress details the lace is the same, a pretty roses pattern. I found interesting that the lace is coffee, such a curious colour combination with navy.

I mentioned it before, I bought this dress at Closet Child online shop, it is a second-hand shop so sometimes the clothes can have stains or missing parts and be damaged but the only thing I could spot was the neck bow became unstitched, but! for only 8,800¥ I think is totally ok!

In general, it is a dreamy dress, I loved everything about it. Even if it is not black I think I may be able to do a pretty gothic coord. I cannot wait to wear it!