viernes, 9 de junio de 2017

r e v i e w ♡ CutieKill

I saw on my feed on instagram a lot of pictures of pretty skirts from a Chinese store called CutieKill. 

The more I saw the pictures on my instagram, the more I wanted them! So I finally decided to get the skirts: a pleated, completely black with a belt, a black gradient pleated and a set of a gray top + suspender black skirt. I placed my order at CutieKill Storenvy on April 30, I had to wait for it to be processed and then was sent to me on May 5. 

Every time I buy something from China I have to wait at least one month for it to arrive, CutieKill offers free shipping so I thought I would have to wait even longer! But for my surprise, my order arrived on May 24! A lot less than I expected, haha.

It was packed on a very cute plastic pink bag (but I forgot to take a picture) and inside each item was inside an individual transparent plastic bag.

With all that said, let's start with the items!

Chic Fashion Suede Suspender Skirt / Top

This was the reason why I decided to buy from CutieKill, I really liked the suspender skirt with that top! (even if it is not black haha).

The skirt is made of suede, I love this fabric because of its matte finish, it also feels really soft and the suspenders are adjustable. The top's material was definitely not what I was expecting! I mean, is not bad, just different. It is a shiny, flimsy fabric, good for summer though. You can place your thumb in a little hole at the sleeve. The sewing is not that fantastic but I am ok with it, and I loved the detail on the collar!

Chic Rings Pleated Skirt

It is a simple black pleated skirt but I completely fell in love with the rings on the belt, I think that details is what made the skirt worth it. The fabric in not suede but a more common one. Again, the sewing is not that great but not bad.

Fading Color Pleated Skirt

I completely loved this skirt! The fading black looks so cool! Again, the fabric for this skirt is different, it is just a little bit shiny and has the same sewing quality.

I was really happy they sent me a little gift, a black choker! It is not a super amazing gift but it speaks good about the store, not everyone send you something for free. Another thing I must mention, I asked them to mark my order with a lower value because fees can be very high some times! And they kindly agree. 
Here is the total score:
Design      5/5
Quality     4/5
Price         4/5     
Shipping   5/5
Overall     4/5

Would I buy from CutieKill again? Yes!
Do I recommend CutieKill? Yes!
They have a lot of pretty things and are very kind, will answer all your questions, so do not hesitate to buy from them! Hope you liked the little review, see you next time!


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  1. Muchas gracias por esta revisión sinceramente detallada hermosa. Lo apreciamos mucho. Te ves tan adorable en nuestra ropa, e incluso las hicimos lindas.

    Estamos felices de que el envío sea rápido y haremos más trabajo duro para mejorar nuestro producto también. Una vez más, muchas gracias.

    Thank you very much for this sincerely detailed lovely review. We do appreciate it very much. You look so adorable in our clothes, and even made them cute.

    We are happy that shipping is fast and we will do more hardwork to improve our product too. Again thank you so much.

    1. You're welcome~! I'm pretty happy with the products and definitely buying from you again!♡