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♡ Nana Kitade? My origin! ♡

Approximately 7 years ago I found Nana Kitade, the first artist I really liked and became "fan". In that time, she used to wear Lolita and that was my first "touch" with the fashion. I didn't really get into it because I feel too young for it, then she stopped wearing it and I start getting really into Visual Kei things. 

Now I'm really into Lolita and feel like is where I wanna be so the other day while looking for clothes I found something very interesting: the Nana Kitade x Baby, the Stars Shine Bright x Charmmy Kitty collaboration skirt and cutsew!

Nana introduced me to Lolita and I still think she is the best Lolita ever! And having my hands on something she designed never crossed my mind until now! I couldn't resist and had to buy it.

Nana's collab, and one of my favourite pics of her!♡
The package arrived yesterday and I was shocked for how nice condition it still is (considering how old it is, lol).

Let's begin with the cutsew, I couldn't find a pic of Nana wearing it but here is the stock photo

Distortion   NANA CHARMMY   Tee
It is so pretty! At first I wasn't really interested on it but thank God I bought it.
I'm sorry, it's a little bit wrinkled

Some details:

That Charmmy Kitty is so cute
You can take off the lace on the collar

Now the skirt, I really loved it! I was so lucky I found it in black.  Everything on my wardrobe is black so it matches perfectly on it, lol. The Charmmy Kitty with the eyepatch is soo cool! And I feel the white lace gives it a beautiful contrast, it's a nice detail The whole skirt is a little heavy as the fabric is not very light. In general, I'm in love.

Botage  NANA CHARMMY   Skirt

Again, sorry for the wrinkles

Lace detail

A little wrinkled but still pretty 

That lace, tho 
And now, one of my favourite details: it has a detachable buttcape! I think it is the only Lolita piece with something like this and the contrast between the black and pink is amazing! Truly love it!

The buttcape

Closer look
Applique detail ♡

I obviously had to try this on! I know I need a petti but I was so exited to think on dressing properly XD

I have no words to describe how happy I am, I never imagine I could own this but now it's mine! I don't think some day I'll sell it because how much it means to me, Nana was (and still is) my inspiration not only in fashion but also in music. I would really love her to wear Lolita again, even if it's only for one moment. Anyway she'll be always my favourite Lolita♡

Now I hope to get some other things from this collab! Please let me now if you sell or see this for selling, high priority: THE HEADBOW! I really want it to match my skirt ;;;;  ♡

I really need this headbow in my life </3

Punkish  NANA Charmmy Doll
Nana Kitade x BTSSB choker

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