miércoles, 1 de abril de 2015


For first, I'll just say some things about me and why I decided to have a blog.

I don't like people too much and I'm very reserved but I'm very open-minded, I accept people with different views of life and all its aspects, I love alternative fashions and I admire people who don't care about 'what society would say...' for being different from the rest.

I'll write about some daily adventures, outfits, dolls and maybe reviews, who knows? About my thoughts, ideology, beliefs, books I like, doramas I watch and music I listen to.

One of the reasons I opened a blog was that I decided to become formally a Lolita, I met Lolita fashion since I was 11 but never thought about wear it until 2013, when I saw the amount of Lolitas in Mexico thanks to the visit of Misako Aoki. I hope to wear it more frequently and buy more things to get soon a pretty Lolita wardrobe.♡ This blog may help me to catalogue this new phase of my life.

At least, I hope everything go well and don't forget to update my blog... (like in my firs blog, I don't even know what happened to it...) Well, welcome to my Wonderland.

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