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M i d n i g h t ♡ G a l a x y

I have not only had the beautiful memory of seeing A9 in live concert but also the opportunity to own some of their「IDEAL HORIZON」 tour goodies! Their official goods' brand is called "Midnight Galaxy" (very poetic in my opinion) and I feel that name very accurate to this tour's design.

What I liked the most about these goods was the main design colours: a sort of gradation maybe? In the full-sized design there is pink, purple an a bit of blue. It features some flowers at the top and at the bottom (at first I thought in the pink top were crystals, lol) and in the middle the flowers are a little more subtle, and I think I can see something like stars (the tiny white dots). At this part is where I truly have the feeling of a Midnight Galaxy (especially in a black background).

Now that I am done this little introduction of the main tour's design, let's start with the actual goodies I got at the concert venue!


Pretty obvious I believe, official shirts of the event are a must if we talk about concerts! I obviously got the black one (because gothic) and the white for my bestie. It is actually pretty long (it almost covers my knees) but for that same reason I loved it! though I am not a fan of short sleeves. 

The tour's design here is also in black and white, what make it perfect for me to wear (you know, I do not wear colours, just everyday black haha).

Have not opened them yet, haha

Each member produced something, this is -Show- produce Smartphone case (book type), got it in black, too (and Show is also using the black one!).

I have always wanted an A9 case but shipping from Japan is so expensive, it costs even more than the case! I am so happy I finally got one and it has the full design in colour and I just love it! 

I feel book type cases can be inconvenient sometimes because they need more space to fit but it has two pockets? where you can keep your cards or money or whatever and that is always useful.

One more thing I really liked was their new look: the clothes they were using are just so cool! Not only on their looks but also on their music style they have this new dark side, a little more heavier than before (and I  l o v e  it) so the art book was something that I just needed in my life. 

Besides the amazing pictures of the members, the inside features some flowers in gray, just like in their main design. I think it was also designed by Show?  

Again black, what a surprise! I am not sure if these bracelet are popular between another fandom, but definitely they are between Number Six! I saw many girls wearing like four on each wrist and each one of different colour! 

Again, each member had their own, this one was Tora's colour, Show was white, Saga purple, Nao pink and Hiroto red! There were some other colours available and I believe each member chose a "second colour" I remember Tora using black and yellow and Show using white and blue.

I obviously really wanted Show's one but hhhhh! I just cannot say no to black haha, maybe next time I betray myself and got Show's one no matter the colour~ 

Those were all the goodies I bought, I would have liked to buy a lot more of course, like the goods produced by the other members but I did not bring that much cash (worst decision ever) but hey, did you think that was all? All from the concert, yes, all of my A9 purchases, not! I know, these are not really part of the Midnight Galaxy haul but it is A9, so I am going to show them anyways.

Basically, one is part of the haul as I got it at the concert and, probably you already know, got it signed by Nao! But I was not satisfied with only that CD, next day I went to Tower Records Shibuya and ran directly into A9's CDs! I could not help but buy the exact same IDEAL I bought at the concert (I know, I have a problem) and guess what? I got Show's card! Ahhhh! I COULD HAVE GOT SHOW'S SIGN! And even to talk with him at least for one moment! That made me feel so miserable! But now I do not feel like that anymore, Nao was such a beautiful and sweet human and I console myself telling me I would have probably faint in front of Show for being so close to him haha. I also bought the regular version of IDEAL.

Well, it was not that new anymore, but still new single for me! Their latest single (included in IDEAL album) Memento, I got the THREE VERSIONS YAS! 

Memento [First Press Limited Edition A]: The hot pink one
Memento [First Press Limited Edition B]: Pastel pink with Show on the cover
Memento [Normal Edition] The red x blue one

I believe they have a card inside but I do not want another depressive surprise so I have not opened them yet haha.

Alice Nine 『Daybreak』
And last but not least! If you thought I was crazy for buying the same CD three times look at this: Daybreak single on EACH MEMBER'S EDITION! Yes, not three but FIVE of the same single haha! This single was released when they still were Alice Nine and, though I have like 60 favourite songs from A9, every time I get asked which is my favourite I always reply with: Daybreak, so these are very important for me, I am so happy to have the versions of the five members.

Well, that was everything that I bought, I am very joyful with the things I managed to buy♡ I will work hard to get some more things in the future, even if the shipping costs me a fortune! I owe them a lot and all that I spend on them seems like nothing compared with the joy they give me! 

Hope you enjoyed my super fangirl post! Bye~

Nope, it was not everything lol, I also found a little sample of a magazine featuring Hiroto and Saga, you know the best part? It was for free~!

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