martes, 4 de julio de 2017

Thank you for being born.♡

At this moment, in Japan is already July 5th. And? Why is it important? Why is it so important for me? Well, on this day my favourite human, the most important person for me was born.

It will sound ridiculous for many, how is it that the person you care the most about does not even know you? But believe me, he has given to me true happiness that nobody never gave me.

It is not a secret my favorite band is A9 and definitely not another one about my love for Shou, the vocalist. I still remember perfectly the firs time I heard and watched a video of Alice Nine (yes, they were Alice Nine before) and I immediately fell totally in love with them! The music, the aesthetic, the video, the lyrics: everything was just perfect! I have never in my life liked a band so much! And I never thought they would become an incredibly important part of my life.

Since that very first moment Shou caught my eye, I found his voice just so beautiful for this world and when I discovered he was the writer of all the lyrics I felt even more inspired by him! How can a person write such magical, delightful words? Lyrics in music have always been so important for me –that is one of the reasons why I dislike such current music with no feeling– and every song he writes is just full of feeling, full of pictures. I dare say I consider him a modern poet of our time; i have cried, smiled and laughed with his lyrics, and even more! They are just a huge bomb of feelings for me!

This year is even more important because finally, after following him for eight years (eight!!) I was able to see him in person, to hear his voice in a live! And I already talked about the concert and how I felt but this is my most precious memory and do not want to forget it! Every day since that day I smile back at the image of him singing, talking, smiling in front of me!

I express you my gratitude not only for that beautiful moment, but also for all others that you, with the power of your music, has given to me. Every song, every lyric, every video, every concert and every program fill my every-day with joy and grace.

Thank you for your smile. a smile that seems like a ray of sunshine passing through the gray clouds, a smile with a sweetest smell than a thousand flowers, a smile that feels like the fresh scent of a summer adventure into the woods, a smile that warms my heart like a thousand suns. The smile that blows sadness away. Because just one picture of your smile is enough for me to be happy the rest of the week.

Thank you for the silly moments, my Devil King thank you for the care you have for your friends and the fans, thank you for the effort you make every day to prove your best. Thank you for being yourself and do what makes you happy, because if you are happy, I am happy.

It is hard for me not being able to go to every single of your concerts (even if that is what I desire the most in life!) but wherever I am, I will always love you and support you, no matter what, because you changed my life. I cannot imagine how my life would be if I would have not known you, until this day you still are my number-one motivation in life, my inspiration, my light in the dark and my love.

And this is just a very little part of all I wanted to say, but I cannot find the words to express correctly all my feelings and gratitude for all you have done to me, at least I would like to say: thank you for being born.

将さん お誕生日おめでとうございます!♡ 産まれて来てくれてありがとうございます♡

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