jueves, 20 de julio de 2017

H i l d e g a r d ♡ Lolita review

Hildegard JSK by Innocent World had been on my wishlist ever since I started Lolita. I fell in love with its simplicity yet elegance, and as I think it is a little rare I am so happy to finally own it! Thank you Closet Child for make Lolita dreams true.

But what!? It is not black!? Yes, it actually is navy! But you know? Navy is the only color I get to use aside from black, even in my every day clothes. And I will tell you a little secret: in fact it is the second non-black dress in my wardrobe! Haha.

As I already said, what I liked the most about this dress is the simply design it has, no print or too much lace, what makes it perfect for casual occasions and easy to wear in every-day life. Yet it has a very pretty lace up bodice at the back which makes it elegant too.

The military-like detail with the buttons is the pretty much the only adornment in the dress and I love it, the bow, the buttons and the lace are just too lovely. In all the dress details the lace is the same, a pretty roses pattern. I found interesting that the lace is coffee, such a curious colour combination with navy.

I mentioned it before, I bought this dress at Closet Child online shop, it is a second-hand shop so sometimes the clothes can have stains or missing parts and be damaged but the only thing I could spot was the neck bow became unstitched, but! for only 8,800¥ I think is totally ok!

In general, it is a dreamy dress, I loved everything about it. Even if it is not black I think I may be able to do a pretty gothic coord. I cannot wait to wear it!

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