domingo, 31 de diciembre de 2017

Goodbye 2017

This year a lot of things happened in my life, some of them were bad and made me feel really depressed, but I don't want to start the New Year sad and that is why in this last post of the year I will focus only in the positive things that happened. Let's start!

J a p a n 

Obviously, the most important thing that happened this year was my trip to Japan. It had always been my dream since I was 8 years old, and I finally accomplished it!



I know I have wrote it everywhere a hundred times but seriously, seeing my favourite band in a live was the best thing ever happened to me, I still cannot describe how amazing that moment was, and I am incredibly grateful for that day, I will remember it forever as one of the best experiences of my life.

T a r j a 

But not only I got to see my favourite band, but also to meet in person my favourite singer: Tarja Turunen! She has the most beautiful voice in the world and she is also such a nice person! I am incredibly happy I got to tell her how special she is to me! Really, thank you Tarja.

Those were definitely the best moments of 2017 but not the only ones:
I'm happy I got to wear Lolita more this year and could sell and buy stuff to have a more comfortable wardrobe.
I met a great people at Tarja's concert and I'm really glad because they are such a nice fandom! I can't wait to meet them again!
I read more than any other year in my life after not being too much into literature for a depression, and I really loved doing it again! I hope to read even more books in the future!
Also, I went out more with friends! I want to go out more frequently and stop being so anti-social, lol.
Last but not least, I got really nice grades at University and got a lot of compliments in my last project, which made me really happy and feel like I'm in the right path.

I really hope 2018 to be a better year! To try new things, to improve my health habits (both physical and spiritual), to share with new people and maybe come back to Japan? We'll see... For now, I wish everyone a Happy New Year!

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