viernes, 19 de mayo de 2017

L a s t ♡ C u r t a i n ♡ C a l l

Every time I saw this Atelier Pierrot dress I can't stop thinking about a theater, full with elegant people waiting. The corset is really nice and the fabric is just gorgeous, it has a lot of details printed and under it has layers of black chiffon (maybe this is the reason why I think about curtains?). 

Combined with an off shoulder blouse, the collar goes really well with the strapless dress, covering a bit of it. The princess sleeves and the rose lace complete our elegant look. 

And we are ready for the opera to begin.

Outfit Rundown
Atelier Pierrot
   Bustle Corset Dress (2017)
   Rose Off Shoulder Shirring Blouse
The rest

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